Places to Source Your Mood Board Ideas

When deciding to create a mood board, inspiration can come from a number of different places. Sometimes when that inspiration strikes you're not in the best place to pull up your mood board to create. That's why it's important to have a source of places where you can gather ideas.

Interior Design Mood Board Process

Interior design moodboards are a great way to collect inspiration, explore ideas and set the tone for an interior design project. Drag in product shots, on-site photography, fabric samples or textures of any kind into your free form canvas and arrange them neatly so you can use this as a reference point quickly during projects.

Moodboards for Photographers

Creating a solid routine is the recipe for a successful shoot. Make sure you do these items starting from discussing with your client.

What is a Film Moodboard?

Your film mood board is your way of collecting different types of creative information. This helps you prepare for any new projects. It is the transition from your initial thoughts and the first draft of your new project. A film mood board will enable your clients to see your designs and direction. This way, they know what direction you want the project to move in. After all, you want to be a baseline for the design work you’ll be doing, which can take countless hours of your time.